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Draw Trend Lines

Creating Trendlines

To draw diagonal trendlines on timetotrade's FREE STOCK and FOREX CHARTS >>, click the "draw trendline" button. This button is found to the top right hand side of the chart, as illustrated in the following screen shot:

Draw trend lines 1.png

Position your mouse cursor on the chart where you would like the trendline to begin and left click your mouse button. Holding down the button, manoeuvre the line until you are happy with the alignment and then let go of the button.

Each trend line has two circular spots - these are the "drag points":

Draw trend lines 2.png

Click and drag on either of the drag points to change the gradient of the trendline:

Draw trend lines 3.png

To move the trendline without changing its gradient, click at any point on the trendline between the two "drag points":

Draw trend lines 4.png

keeping your mouse button held down, move the trendline to where you want it to go and then release the mouse.

To draw parallel trendlines, select the trendline you wish to duplicate by clicking on the trendline. A border is created around the line to indicate that it has been selected. To create a parallel copy of the selected line there are two choices:

  • right click and select 'Create Parallel'
  • click on the 'Create a Parallel Line' button

as illustrated:

Draw trend lines 5.png

A copy of the trendline will appear on the chart in selected mode so that it can be quickly repositioned as illustrated:

Draw trend lines 6.png

To move the trendline without changing its gradient, click at any point on the trendline between the two "drag points" as illustrated above.

Deleting Trendlines

You can delete individual drawings or all drawings on the chart. To delete an individual drawing, start by selecting the line you wish to delete by clicking on it. The line will have a dark grey border added to show that the line has been selected.

You can now either click the "delete the selected drawing" button as illustrated in the following screen shot:

Draw level 5.png

or click your right mouse button, and select "delete line" from the menu that appears on the chart, as illustrated below:

Draw level 6.png

To delete ALL the drawings on a chart, right click on the chart. Select "Delete all drawn objects" from the menu as illustrated:

Draw level 8.png

Change Line Colour

The colour of a the lines can be changed to make it easier for example to identify support and resistance lines. To change the line colour, select the line by clicking it, then select a line colour as illustrated:

Draw trend lines 7.png

Saving Drawings

If you would like to save chart drawings, such as levels, trend lines and Fibonacci tools, for the next time you log into timetotrade, click on the 'save drawings' icon as illustrated:

Save drawings 1.png

Trend Line Alerts

To learn how to create alerts that will notify you when the Open, High, Low or Close price tests a trend line, click here.

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